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If your face isn’t as youthful as you’d like it to be, Botox® and fillers can help by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles or restoring volume. Lux Medical Spa in Irvine, California offers these minimally invasive treatments, which take little time, cause only minimal discomfort, and provide results that can last months or, in some cases, years. To learn more about Botox, Juvederm® fillers, or Kybella, which addresses chin fat among other areas, call our office or book a consultation online.

Botox and Fillers Q & A

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable medication that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Once injected into facial muscles as targeted areas, Botox begins to paralyze the muscle, leading to a smoother appearance. It commonly treats moderate to severe crow’s feet and frown lines.

Does Botox Hurt?

Botox injections use tiny needles and take only minutes, causing little pain or discomfort. If you have particularly sensitive skin or are concerned about pain, you can request a topical numbing cream or an ice pack beforehand.

How Long Do Botox Results Last?

You should begin to see Botox results within 24-48 hours of your treatment. Those results can last up to four months. At that point, you can schedule additional treatment.

How Can Fillers Help Improve My Appearance?

Fillers are injectable gels that add plumpness, volume, and smoothness to your face in specific areas, such as your cheeks and lips. Most of these gels fill lines, hollows, and wrinkles in less than 30 minutes, providing immediate results that can last four months or more than a year. At Lux Medical Spa we provide Juvederm fillers, including Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Voluma.

What is Filler Treatment Like?

Filler treatment typically takes 15-60 minutes, depending on which facial area is treated. Juvederm products labeled XC contain numbing agents for added comfort. You can request ice or a topical numbing cream as well. Because results are immediate, you’ll leave your appointment with plumper, smoother-looking skin. Results may last one to two years.

What is a Vampire Facelift®?

The Vampire Facelift uses fillers and microneedling to enhance the shape of your face. Unlike other filler treatments, it also uses growth factors from your blood called platelet-rich plasma or PRP. This stimulates the growth of new tissue, including collagen, fatty tissue, and blood vessels, which add vibrancy to your skin.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a medication that minimizes moderate to severe fat below the chin, commonly called a “double chin.” The active ingredient is a synthetic version of a molecule that occurs naturally in your body and helps you breakdown and absorb dietary fat. Injected into your chin area, Kybella destroys fat cells. You can have up to six treatments, but many people notice improvements within two to four sessions. Once you achieve your desired look, you probably won’t need more injections.

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